Thanks, God

Thanks, God. That’s the phrase that often comes to mind these days. Thanks to Layne. Layne is my niece, and she is four. Words that come to mind when I think of Layne: big-eyed, curious, sensitive, sweet, exacting, polite, funny, raised eyebrows, headbands, a lisp that’s sadly fading. She used to be into Buzz Lightyear … Continue reading

Into the Silence

In the weeks after Frans and I returned from our wedding in Florida and our honeymoon in Switzerland, I found myself carefully turning the pages of our church’s bulletin before the service. I was hungry to join in the rhythms of the church, to jump into the bloodstream of the Body. There were two situations … Continue reading

A Simple Top 10

My Amsterdam Top 10 My friend Heidi is one of the most creative people I know. But not in the way you think. Most people associate the word ‘creative’ with someone bedecked in colorful scarves and bohemian jewelry, painting Jackson Pollack-style, maybe while even wearing bells around her ankles. They probably also have cool glasses … Continue reading