Get Up Earlier, Dummy

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Friday. It’s Vrijdag, Vrijdag, gettin’ down on Vrijdag. Who out there is ready for the weekend, weekend?

This is just a little stream of consciousness post. I don’t have any cool videos or stories (that I can share with the world at this point, maybe later), so I’ll keep it random and let’s see what comes.

If you know me, my hope is that you’ll be able to hear my voice talking to you over a cup of coffee and that you’ll have responses that you can pretend I’ll hear. If you don’t know me, feel free to do the same and make me your imaginary friend. Call me Meeko.

Confession:  Since returning from vacation in Florida, life has been a bit crazy-town. My writing’s gotten the shaft over the past month. I had good intentions of writing every day, but instead Frans and I have been hitting the ground running. There are fun things, like birthdays (Happy Birthday Karl! And Edward!). Life group. I love ours. Language classes (I am still in the middle of catching up after joining 3 weeks late.) Family things. Also work-related things.

For example, Frans and I drove Brussels on Wednesday to meet with the founder of Serve the City Europe ( and some of his awesome interns. The trip had some interesting twists and turns (keep this in mind…I’ll write about it someday. Brussels. Interns. Twists. Turns. Don’t forget.).

We also drove to an old monastery-turned convention center on Sunday morning to join a group of young (and very gifted) professionals on their planning retreat for Frans’s upcoming June IMPACT Congress (conference). We enjoyed the group’s ideas and a tour of the Beukenhof itself. Every time I tour an old, rambling building in Europe I feel like Lucy in Professor Kirke’s house.

And we talked ideas, mostly about prayer. For some reason I have this unofficial position in IMPACT. I am the prayer-lady.


I have not been taking a lot of intentional time to pray these days. When I find myself alone in our apartment, I try to turn off the lights and light a candle, sit on the couch, and look out of the window. Last week it was snowing, and I sat for my 20 minutes in front of a window dotted with perfectly-spaced snowflakes coming in at an angle on the wind, thrilled with a world with perfectly-spaced snowflakes.

And from time to time, I have these people and faces who press on my chest and into my heart. And it’s like I either pray for them or forget about breathing correctly.

But a consistent, quasi-disciplined time? Nope.

Sometimes to sit still for those 20  minutes takes a Herculean effort.

I’m still figuring out how to carve this time out after marriage. When it was just me, I didn’t share a warm bed with someone, therefore making it much easier to get out of bed.

Frans and I do have a ritual of our own: I get dressed and he makes breakfast, and we join each other in the living room under the large window to read the Chronological Bible together. And we discuss it. Sometimes Frans pulls his seminary books off the shelf and we puzzle together what in the heck the author is trying to say. We’ve had some good debates.

But I am still convinced that those times of silence and solitude are important too. Alone. As I am.

I think the answer might lie in “get up earlier, dummy.”

That’s usually the answer to rambling questions. Want to solve the fiscal cliff? Get up earlier, dummy. The answer to gun control? Get up earlier, dummy.

Darn it. How did I do it? I write a blog that’s supposed to be funny and cultural, and then it turns into an unwanted challenge to myself to get up earlier.

But I know myself and I know I need time and space to think, pray, consider, let go, take on. There are many people to talk to, many things to do, many words to write, and (hopefully) many days to live. I want to live those days well.

So if you somehow clicked with this random blog today, and saw yourself in me,  then we both need to…

Get up earlier, dummy.



2 thoughts on “Get Up Earlier, Dummy

  1. you’ve been in my mind, girl…I phrased mine a bit different but same idea – my morning is a bit warmer and a bit later than yours:)

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