mental health days

So I’ve decided to try using this blog more as a mini-journal on days that I can’t post something longer.

Today is Wednesday and Wednesday means no Dutch class. No huiswerk either. I make it a point on Wednesdays to get out, have coffee, do laundry, relax. Usually Wednesdays involve my favorite things, like walks, secondhand stores, and being domestic. For me, these things are my equivalent to someone oh, say…playing a video game, or fishing, or painting. I get totally lost when I’m shopping for hidden treasure or cooking. And as a writer and also language student,  it’s such a nice balance to do something creative with tangible materials that I can touch and see and mix and match and smell.

First, I got on Nelly and rode to one of my favorite secondhand stores. I found Chaim Potok’s The Chosen, printed in 1968, the year after he wrote it. Love that book. Then I found a scarf in one of my mother-in-law’s colors (last weekend the van Santen women got together and spent the afternoon with a color consultant for my mother-in-law’s birthday…so fun). And then I found these two, cute little handpainted dishes. Perfect for sauces or dips or little pieces of chocolate. Grand total: 4 euros and 40 cents.

secondhand finds

Next, I played with our furniture. I do this a lot. I’m always tweaking the placement of the furniture in our apartment. Now I have something new to play with. When Frans and I were out on one of our Sunday walks, we picked up a round coffee table. It’s painted a clashing color and needs some work, but I’ve been looking on Maarktplaats (Craigslist) for months for a round one, and voile! Patience is a virtue. The colors in this photo are dull and you can’t see much…but pretend that the center coffee table is painted in the most brilliant robin’s egg blue you have ever seen, with hot pink paint stains (?) and signs of a cat or puppy knawing on one side of it.  Still don’t know if I like the couch catty corner, but I’m pretty happy about it for now. This formation seems to have a more community feel, and the couch still gets a view to the oustide, which Frans and I both like. I still would really like to get a couch that fits underneath our front bay window. That would be such a great place to read a book or take a nap!

living room remake

Finally, I raided the fridge and grabbed all of our spare change to buy groceries and make a pinterest slowcooker fajita dinner as a surprise for Frans when he comes home. I also have a leftover mini bottle of gin from our honeymoon, and bought a bottle of Bitterlemon to go with it. Bitterlemon is excellent, y’all. It’s like a very tart, bubbly lemonade with almost a lime twist, and just barely sweet.  I love cooking more and more, and planning meals is fun when you have someone to eat with who loves your cooking. You should have seen me counting out 12.20 in change in the store, though. It took me a good two minutes, and the lady at the counter sighed like 4 times. But afterwards, I felt triumphant. I just bought the rest of the week’s groceries with our spare change; how cool is that?

crock pot

2 thoughts on “mental health days

  1. And here I thought that huiswerk meant “housework” to which I would have reminded you that doing laundry is housework! Jan

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