Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday. Gordon Dale is 59 years old. I waited for years to dance with him at my wedding. We danced to James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James.” I have several good memories of past dad birthdays…the birthday where we got Dad birthday shoes: He kicked his feet in the air and yelled, … Continue reading


I am a jack of all trades, master of none. I like to start things, but finishing is not as fun. I love the concepts inside of my head…but love less the details and steps needed in seeing those concepts becoming realities. Yesterday I decided that I needed to become a finisher. I have about … Continue reading

At This Moment

  You have shrunk down to half your size and have finally realized your childhood dream (nightmare?) to sit on the shelf inside the refrigerator. How many times did I open the door during a game of Hide-and-Go Seek and wish I could hide there. (No one would know! But what if I got stuck? … Continue reading

Lent and Sloth

Lent and Sloth.  Lent and sloth, say them. Two images come to mind: This year, thanks to my church, I’m rediscovering Lent. For years I’ve attended mega-huge, non-denominational churches that emphasized commonality. The basics. The oh so important basics. And adding depth to those basics was also there. Traditional liturgy? Not often there. Emphasis of … Continue reading