Cooking Dutch, part. 1

Cooking Dutch, part 1.


Some of us, before we can move forward, need to clear the air. For some reason, the word ‘Dutch’ is just asking to be followed by the word ‘oven.’ If you had a sister, you think of this:













If you had a brother like I do, you think of this:

farting-in-bedThis concept is totally American as far as I know. I had to teach Frans what a Dutch oven was (and no, I did not show him, I nicely told him.)

But Dutch kitchens are another thing. Ours is large for Amsterdam standards. I mean, we can eat in it. Usually the kitchens here resemble hallways with tiny appliances packed in. But for some reason, this apartment has a roomy one.

We have a black and white checkerboard linoleum floor. I love it. It might be my second favorite thing about our apartment (other than the view). I hope we will always have a white and black checkered kitchen floor.

I have been cooking for six months in what you Americans would call a hot plate, baking in what was, to me ,a toaster oven, and storing our cooler goods in a fridge the size of my college dorm room’s. Also sans dishwasher.

Now I would say that dishwashers are for lazy people (partly because I’m jealous, partly because I truly have discovered the satisfaction of washing up. And, okay, maybe it’s because I feel a bit like I’m living in the 195os, what with the checkered floor. And  I like it.


And then for Christmas, Frans (aka. Sinterklaas) bought me a Crockpot. Yay for crockpots! We’ve been using it for the past three weeks exclusively. With the hot water boiler. For cooking.

And then two weeks ago, we bought a Bosch fridge from a secondhand store. It was super dirty, but it looks great after some serious scrubbing. And now we have a freezer!

And then tomorrow, we’re getting our oven (met fornuis) with stovetop. How excited am I! Right now, a garbage can stands where the stove will be.


Stay tuned for Part 2 where I reveal the staples of my Dutch kitchen…

4 thoughts on “Cooking Dutch, part. 1

  1. I LOVE MY CROCKPOT. Just made chicken curry in it last night using nothing but chicken thighs, a can of salsa, one sliced onion, and 2 tablespoons of curry. (I added some sour cream at the end, and some cilantro, since I had it on hand). Served up with rice. 6 hours on low. Yum!

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