Happy Birthday Dad!

reception-cool dance (5)

Today is my dad’s birthday. Gordon Dale is 59 years old. I waited for years to dance with him at my wedding. We danced to James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James.”

I have several good memories of past dad birthdays…the birthday where we got Dad birthday shoes:

He kicked his feet in the air and yelled, “I’m the birthday boy! I’m the birthday boy!”

I carry this humor into my marriage, Dad. It serves us well.

I miss celebrating with him today, in person. I’ll miss giving him a hug.  Today Frans and I Skype with my family. I’ve made a German Chocolate cake, his favorite. We’ll blow out some candles on it over Skype and eat it…a tangible way for us to celebrate here.


I love my dad. He is fun, curious, loving, has integrity. He deeply cares about people. He’s good with his hands. He’s good with his heart.

He was my first hero. My co-adventurer.

erin's pic (2)


I love you, Dad. Happy Birthday.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. and you are good with your words! I would so agree on your words for him. Picture plus words brings back so many amazing memories – this was a special post for him- he so enjoyed it!

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