under the same stars

So I haven’t blogged in awhile. This blog, amongst other things, really reveals to me my perfectionistic tendencies. If I’m going to do something, dang it, I want to do it well.

I once read in Madeleine L’Engle’s Circle of Quiet, one of my favs, that in order to write she had to have two things: a ‘tower’ or private room away from the house in which she could write, and she had to let the housework go.

Therefore, she had time for her children, husband, friends, and writing. But the housework went.


I’m such a visual person, I have a very hard time letting the housework go. I still remember my own mom: beginning her to stop her work and play with us, begging her to drop everything (right then!) and see what we were doing, join our game. She had a very hard time coming to a sudden standstill…she really needed that last few strokes of the sponge over the counter, or the filling of the glass,  or the last few items of clothing to be folded.

I get it now, Mom. I love finishing things too, creating an environment in which I can clear my mind away from chores and duties, and just…enjoy, create. Very often before I go to sleep, I straighten up the living room, finish the dishes. Before I can dive into the day’s ‘whatever’ I often have to finish the breakfast dishes, wipe the counter, organize my desk, and make myself a fresh cup of coffee. There. Focus begins.

Who can relate?


I just spent a super fun long weekend with my friends from California who stopped by our house for the last few days of their European vacation. We ate, talked, walked around the city. We talked, sipped drinks, shared the latest funny videos we’d come across. We walked around the city, ate, talked, took long drives. Shared life and our city for three days. I loved every minute.


Frans and I also celebrated both of our birthdays, one day apart. We are now the ages of our parents when they had children in elementary school.  My skin continues to loose its elasticity, Frans is finding some white hairs in his new beard. We feel wise, and still very hip. Living in a city where you see gray-haired parents with cool frames and leather sneakers biking their very young children around, helps.

Heidi knew they would be here to celebrate with us, so she wrote my friends an e-mail asking them to send me a birthday card or small gift for my very first international birthday, and she would bring them to me. She also had presents inside and two boxes of Ghirardelli brownies. All in all, Jace and Heidi ridiculously spoiled me, along with my other friends, and I felt so loved. Frans and I also got two packages from the family, really fun thoughtful gifts. IMG_0359IMG_0363

We also got a rare photo together.


A favorite is already framed, from my brother and sister-in-law. The painting is by Sadee Schilling and carries the caption “Under the Same Stars.”


Our birthdays were a reminder:  we are under the same stars.

10 thoughts on “under the same stars

  1. so crazy you wrote about this today. i am a visual person too and if the house is a mess, i feel like i cannot survive… since Ellie was born I have kept up with it but the past two weeks I haven’t and Rick and I had a talk this morning that because little miss ellie is still waking numerous times a night, SOMETHING has got to give, and unfortunately it’s got to be the housework 😦 Gotta make time for the little one, God, each other, and what rejuvenates you! The mess is still driving me crazy but nothing like a baby to teach you to let go of certain things 🙂 Love you

    • Cori Maffet, I think we have twin brains. And I love that your advice is to ‘have a baby.’ Haha! Looking forward to relating to you in that way too. Miss you!

  2. i am so disappointed. i mailed you a brownie mix and thought i was being so creative and smart. 🙂 don’t eat them all at once!!

  3. Katie Hobbie, don’t give away the surprise. Are you kidding me? Good brownies are like gold here…we already went through the first box and it’s only April. 6 more months until Mom and Dad get here with the fourth box of brownies…I love you.

  4. Your description of your MaMa made me laugh out loud.I love the “same stars “picture. The little picture beneath it of you and Grandma Little brought a smile and a tear and a flood of good memories from our times on the Little ranch. Love you, Dad

    • Hey Daddy Bord, I have some extra special mementos in this home. Our family is very present in my mind. And the good memories. Love you too!

  5. Hey Erin, about the housecleaning thing: maybe that’s a woman’s thing….last saturday Rieneke complimented me after coming home with my ability to leave all the dirty dishes in the kitchen, and the clean laundry waiting to be folded, untouched… it didn’t even cross my mind…. The moment she arrived home it started to dawn on me ‘Hmm it might have been nice if I would have done at least something…’ and I apologized (and did do the dishes later that day ;-)..but she really is jealous, she mentioned the same thing as you; she cannot relax untill everything is clean and cleaned up…

    • Guido, I am not surprised Rieneke and I share the same love of cleanliness. Glad I could help you see it. Thanks for reading!

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