Happy Birthday Maitland

Maitland turns three today.

I love having a nephew. I love that he’s ‘all boy.’

I love that his name is Maitland, which is the name of the town in which I grew up. I love that he has the same blonde hair his parents had when they were little, and that he is proud of his new ‘big boy’ bed and climbing a tree for the first time all by himself. That he loves to wear  his camo “2” shirt. That he’s funny, with a sense of humor. That he was never afraid to jump into the pool. That he likes the scariness of sharks. That he has the ability to intensely focus while painting something. That he likes to show his muscles and does so with all of his might.  That he’s got a really loud, booming voice that used to call out after his sisters many times a day, “Maitland too!”  That he’s affectionate and expressive and admires his ‘Uncle Fwans.’  That his excitement is contagious. This is a photo taken by one of his parents from the time he couldn’t wait to roll a pea down the driveway after dinner.


I was there when he was born, held him at some point on his first day here. Like it was with both of his sisters before him, I loved him right away, but as time goes by, the love grows.

Maitland, today you’re three! Wow. We’re very proud of you and love you very much. Climb those trees, swim like a fish, don’t be afraid of those sharks, and flex those muscles, strong boy.

Love, Aunt Erin and Uncle Frans

One thought on “Happy Birthday Maitland

  1. totally teared up. wish you were here to celebrate with us, but i know you love him just as much from far away as you would if you were in our house. xoxo

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