two years

It’s almost two years ago that these little bridal feet first set foot in her new homeland. Eyes bright, camera posed for a twosome selfie, a snapshot was taken in the car the day after we landed in Schipol Airport, on our way to honeymoon in Switzerland. Look at those babies. That was my long-hair phase. Still hoping to grow it out one day, if breastfeeding doesn’t make me completely bald. 

2012-08-22 04.24.40

So many challenges. So much to be thankful for. So much to write about, to unpack.

Our little family was in Switzerland last week, visiting the same tiny village that we honeymooned in, this time to help expectant friends move before their baby comes. (This is a view from their front door.)

 L'Abri 2 451

Those expectant friends were the one who introduced us at their wedding. Together with Estella and the new little unborn life, we ate feasts of breakfasts and sipped coffee and unpacked boxes and shuffled furniture around to make a home.

We regretfully left them after four whirlwind days and flew back home, just in time to celebrate our two year anniversary.  Estella lodged with her grandparents while we packed into our car like giggling teenagers for a night away on our own. We had a just around 15 hours together, but I might dare to say that the 15 hours together mean just as much (if not more) as our whole honeymoon week together.

And now I sit in my favorite work  café, Cityhouse, and pound out emails and grab the tails of creative ideas while they last, and sip a cappuccino that makes my legs wiggle and keeps me awake.

These days, my hands have been filled with tasks. I’ve been doing more than thinking, doing more than writing, doing more than processing or savoring. Gulping is more like it. Gulping these precious moments while I have them.

I think I have entered a season of doing. Moving boxes and wiping bottoms and spending hours with my baby in my arms, feeding her while she lifts her arm and lets her fingers graze over my face and chin. Doing dishes and hanging diapers to dry. My girl smiles and luxuriously lets the milk dribble down the corner of her mouth.


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