And the word of the day is…


I found myself thinking deep, philosophical thoughts this morning, not while musing over a cup of coffee or strolling through the park. This time, my heart mind and soul demanded time and intention in the…

dentist’s office.

I was lying at my back with my mouth open, staring at the robotic crane light illuminating my uncomfortably open mouth when the floodgates opened and the inspiration started pouring in.

My thoughts were original, funny, insightful. I felt relieved. I’m back, people! The thing is, I can’t remember one of them. This is about the thousandth time this has happened. My most brilliant ideas and introspective thoughts come most often when I have zero chance of writing them down. Driving. Walking in nature two miles from my car or phone. Breastfeeding. Two small hands attached to a runny nose clutched to my pant legs.

Oh yeah, I think. That one’s too good to forget. And then two hours later I realized that the idea has vanished into thin air. Like a dream.

Do you find yourself inspired in similarly hard-to-reach places? (Weak dentist pun: not originally intended.)

One thought on “inspiration?

  1. So true! Usually drying my hair or in the shower — no hope there! But it feels good to be I’m touch with”self” and know I can put thoughts together! I do use the recorder on my phone while driving, but usually when I get home, I’m not as inspired!

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