a few minutes in a mall

I’m in a mall! At a Starbucks! Sipping on a tall iced decaf vanilla latte, which I ordered as a ‘tall decaf iced vanilla latte’! Because English with Italian sizes is a universal thing.

And I have a few minutes to write! On my blog! It’s a miracle.

Without rehashing too much of the past, can we skip to being good friends who can pick right up where they’ve left off?

Which means you know the following: I’m (22 weeks) pregnant with a kicking, active baby whom I’ve already fallen quite quickly for and whose gender we are keeping a surprise until his or her birth. I might be glowing more than usual (we’ve had heat here! and sun!), but I’m definitely already swollen (aka. feeling fat), and feeling some aches and pains although it’s minor compared to the Estella-in-the-belly days. I’d really like to know how much is really physically/biochemically different than the first pregnancy, and how much is pure distraction from chasing a very active, healthy, feisty toddler around!

You also know we bought a house in January, got the key in February, and renovated from the day after key acceptance until the end of April when we moved in. Our house was completely demoed (read: no ceilings, floors, electricity, or power and TONS of rubble), and somehow we got it liveable just in time to move in (meaning painted, with floors, still non-working kitchen and no lights installed…luckily Dutch summers mean sunlight from 5am-10:30pm). We also got the ugly tiles from the backyard out and planted grass seed and some hydrangeas. Then we finished off the attic in the nick of time for my parents to stay there for the most of three weeks. Wherein we did lots more improvements (lights! organised closets! a hand built coat rack! locks that work! a closet/desk in E’s room!) And now Frans and I are enjoying some slower summer days before the busy work/life pattern picks up again at the end of August.

But today, in my few remaining minutes at this Starbucks in the mall, I plan on doing something that engages my brain and my heart:  using my imagination to explore a biblical text that Frans spoke about two Sundays ago to a community in Dordrecht. There is so much craziness going on in the world….war is being raged on ordinary people, in ordinary places, men, women, and little children alike. Evils perpetrated by isolated, angry individuals who began the steps to hardening their hearts months or years before the atrocities took place. People with no sense of their own worth or potential, let alone the worth and preciousness of other lives. Lives, even their own, are expendable, meaningless. And the world spins ’round.

When I open the Bible (which I rarely do these days), I read about violence, killings of men, women and children, I  read a text whose context I don’t often understand. But the difference is there: behind the words of the text is the thematic ‘all shall be made right.’ And that, lately, is what I’m clinging on to. I cling onto it for the small, feisty human in my home, and for the tiny, kicking person in my belly. I cling onto it for me and for you, but also for the estranged among us who have forgotten the worth of a single human being, or what it means to ‘hope in the Lord.’ I will remember in spite of their defiant forgetfulness.








One thought on “a few minutes in a mall

  1. I loved your last paragraph! Great perspective…one I concur with! (I had a lovely lunch with your mom last week and she told me about all the work you did together! What a great time!)

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