a sunny week in February

This week has been sunny! At least, this is the third day in a string of cold, frosty, sunny days. And all the Nederlanders are rejoicing.

After a December spent mostly in Florida (preceded by a week of a nasty stomach virus), and a January dominated by colds, we had one, single, glorious day (Monday) when everything aligned in the heavens. Everyone had slept well, everyone was healthy, I woke up not feeling half sick or on the verge of sick, but fully WELL and energised, the kids spent the morning at the babysitters while I worked on projects. The night before I had finally crossed one thing off my to-do list that I had been wanting to do for MONTHS before sickness and travel and survival mode.

And Tuesday, we all woke up with colds. Back to survival mode. The new normal.

Y’all, I have tried everything. I have bone-brothed, essential-oiled, washed hands, lysoled surfaces, switched out toothbrushes and toothpaste, made healthy smoothies, force-fed vitamins, lengthened naps. The thing is, in our family, we are sticky. We tend to catch everything blowing in the wind.

Not normal. Not fair. To add to it all, Frans has been traveling a lot. He’ll leave for Spain tomorrow morning at 5am, and it’s his third trip in 2018. Cue four days of  potentially sick kids with a mom who’s flag is lowered to half mast.

But we will survive it. We always do. And on the next sunny (and healthy) day, which I know must come, I will celebrate.



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