About Erin

On my wedding day, in the bridal suite, there was an American flag. I’m giving one final salute.

Born and raised in the US, living in Amsterdam. I love words and am fascinated by the idea of ‘home.’

I’m married to Frans, and as an international couple we’re creating a home of our own in the Netherlands. We have a little Dutch-American named Estella.

I like to spend my time at secondhand stores, remaking furniture, cooking, writing, reading, discovering Amsterdam by bike, and good conversation over coffee or a meal.

9 thoughts on “About Erin

  1. Hey Erin. Glad you’re writing this. I’m looking forward to reading it and hearing about how Amsterdam is. My dream job is at an ad agency in Amsterdam called KesselsKramer. So if you ever meet someone who works there, tell them to hire me. I can be there in 24 hours.

  2. My sister alycia wanted me to follow your blog. She said you are a great writer and u sound like my kindred spirit. Maybe the next time I come to the Netherlands I can meet u! Excited to read ur words!

    • Yep, Stacie. I think I can guess who your sister is! Thanks for reading along and I’m up for a coffee when you visit her.

  3. Hallo Erin:-) I met Stacie in a coffee shop last week and she told me about your blog. I am moving to the Netherlands on the 20th to marry my own dutchman and I am curious about your experience. Mainly, I want to make sure I have covered all my ins and outs so I do not get a call from America later telling me I overlooked something. I also see you like coffee so we should definately get together and maybe practice our Dutch? My name is Stasha Whalley. Please find me on fb or email me so I can inquire more about your experience. Otherwise I may find something helpful in your blog. I’ll read on. Thanks

    • Wow, congratulations! Yep, I’ll look you up on facebook so we can have more of a “convo.” My first advice is: don’t get so involoved with thinking and planning (reaalllly hard not to do), that you neglect spending some quality time with the people nearest and dearest to you. The details will follow!

  4. Erin, Erin, Erin! I saw something on FB from Kristian and followed the link and here you are! Or there you are, I mean! So excited to know a little about your new life! I’ll look forward to getting to connect a little this way!

  5. Life brings changes to make us grow. I’m still here…a fan who loves your perspective and your depth of thought.

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