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let’s talk books

let’s talk books

There is a hint of Fall (finally) in the air. We’ve been experiencing a heat wave here in the Netherlands, niet normaal for the time of year. It’s been especially hard on this nearly thirty-weeks pregnant woman, whose sole relief is ice cubes in her glass of water and after-dinner popsicle. There’s no AC here in … Continue reading

a call to come closer

I’m coming rusty out the writing gate, and I can’t even promise consistency. That is the one and only disclaimer I’m permitting myself on this post. The past year I’ve been living ‘going Dutch’ rather than writing it. It’s been the season of life/over/reflection. Practical everyday blowing of noses and lumbering up the stairs with baskets of laundry to … Continue reading

Bad Farm Village

  Time for it to sink in. We’re moving. Our little apartment, in which Frans and I spent our honeymoon weeks getting to know each other in person for the first time, in which Estella was born, in which fights and Facetime conversations, books and movies, long talks and meals were enjoyed and consumed, is … Continue reading


You know, I have all of these mostly-written blog posts that have never been posted. In a way, a compilation of them would sort of explain my MIA status. They include info. about our on-going sickness saga, seemingly over now that Estella no longer goes to the crèche. (Tentative YAY!) We pulled her out four … Continue reading